April 17, 2013 Haresh Shah

Kanazawa, Japan
July 11, 1985
Phone: 0762-31-4288
¥ 20,000.00
8 Tatami room with another tatami raised about 6” (15cm) containing “empty” space. Another raised area about 1.5” (3+cm) for a flower vase and a closet space underneath. Third step about 2’ (60cm) height has a television. A sliding door separates 3 tatami hallway – containing a dresser, a wardrobe, futon closet. The third area separated by another sliding door has two arm chairs with a coffee table and overlooks the beautiful Japanese garden. The toilet, bathroom and wash basin area also separated. Every area has its own pair of slippers. You wear none in the living area, which is an empty space with only a large table about 1’ (30cm) height, placed in the middle. Two floor and back chair facing each other with a beautiful large ceramic ashtray. A tray of green tea with cups and a thermos filled with hot water also await.
We were greeted by Kimono clad ladies and served dinner and breakfast in authentic traditional Japanese style with as many as a dozen dishes. They sit next to you like a mother and likewise pamper you. Would make a dream honeymoon spot.
Serve you tea soon after you arrive, even after a walk. What a great feeling?
Most of the interior is in sedate beige and green with orange trims. The wooden ceilings and the wood linings and frames on the picture windows. Is also equipped with heating and air-conditioning units. Hard small pillows that feel like bean bags. Patio area covered with soft beige wall-to-wall rug. Has a telephone. Wake you up with a couple of soft rings fifteen minutes before the breakfast.
——————— Soft comforter,
———————Soft futon
———————Harder base futon
Two steps hollow to sit in. Also telephonic shower
Talk of personal service. The lady assigned to us brought in the bill just in time for our departure. Collected the credit card, took care of the payment and brought back the receipts. When ready to leave, she promptly picked up the bag, waited on us while we put our shoes on, called a cab and saw us off until the cab left. Next time bring your wife with you, she said. Kanazawa is a cute little town, but if for nothing else, it would be worth it just to spend some time at the Ryokan.

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